2018 Chevrolet Equinox Prices, Reviews, and Pictures

The Chevrolet Equinox is a compact crossover that targets people who need practicality. The Equinox has been in existence since Chevrolet introduced it in the year 2005. The third generation is currently in production in the year 2018 and was the last model year.


The Chevy Equinox has taken its place to an all-new level at a time where the competition in the segment of compact crossovers has increased. This model is much more efficient than its predecessor and is particularly built to a high quality. If you opt for the Premium model, it’s quite extravagant. Whatever version you pick it’s well-constructed on the road, and it’s easy to drive in urban environments that are crowded.

Trims and Pricing

The Equinox is offered in 4 trims: L L, LT and Premier. If you choose the L Standard features include the halogen headlights and daylight running lamps that are LEDs, adjustable heated rear mirrors on the sides, sun-absorbing windows, 17-inch aluminum wheels as well as seven-inch color infotainment display and USB port Power windows/locks front bucket seats rear seats that fold in two as well as front carpeted floor mats as well as a multi-function steering wheel and a rearview camera. OnStar and an OnStar Teen Driver system that encourages safe driving behavior. The upgrade to the LS means you will get everything that is you get on the L and the 16-inch spare tire and rear floor mats with carpeted flooring as well as the option of adding all-wheel-drive and a variety of options. If you opt for Equinox LT, you get Equinox LT, the crossover includes a rear-view camera, a power outlet, a rear parking brake, features deep tinting of the rear glass HID headlights, attaching points for crossmembers of the roof rail satellite radios, driver’s seat along with back seat release levers. Finally, the Premier adds front fog lights, LED headlights/taillights, turn signals embedded in the side mirrors, chrome roof rails, 18-inch wheels, an 8-inch color infotainment touchscreen, two USB ports, dual-zone automatic climate control, auto-dimming rearview mirror, heated front seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, remote start and a universal garage door opener. Also the rear cross-traffic assistance as well as rear park assist and blind spot alerts are included. A Equinox includes an initial invoice of approximately $22,000 for the L-model and an MSRP of around $23,000. Its LS trim level will add about $3200 to the MSRP, while the LT boosts it by another $1200. In addition, the Premier raises the MSRP by another $4,000. Be assured that membership in the Premier means that you have the option of visiting an accredited dealer and get an upfront price quote that will save you money and all with no hassle.

Engine and Performance

The engine of the standard Chevrolet Equinox is a 1.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder. It produces 170 horsepower and the equivalent of 203 lb.-ft. in torque. Variable valve timing can help conserve fuel and it gives you more power when you require it on the freeway or climbing hills, for example. A six-speed auto transmission is the standard. It is possible to upgrade to the 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine. It’s more powerful at 252 horsepower, and the capacity of 260 lb.-ft. of torque. A nine-speed auto transmission is compatible alongside this motor. The towing capacity, if the crossover is well-equipped can be impressive with a weight of 3,500 pounds. Front-wheel drive is available on all four trims. Likewise, all other models, except for the L are available with all-wheel drive, which provides better handling in all types of weather conditions.


The primary color scheme for Equinox interior is Jet Black. Equinox Interior will be Jet Black, but depending on the trim you pick, Medium Ash Gray, or a mix that combines Jet Black with Brandy are readily available. The cabin overall is sleek and practical with a dash-style layout that features some physical buttons that are laid out in a logical manner. A gauge display is simple to read, and the touchscreen standard is set at an appropriate height to allow quick glances. The infotainment menu is a bit intuitive, which means it is best to get familiar with the system when you are parked prior to taking it out when you travel. The majority of materials found within the Equinox are of decent quality, but there are some high-end features when you get into the more expensive versions. Quality craftsmanship is high and noise from the road is quite low when driving at speeds of freeway. The seats are well-padded and comfortable, however thanks to good padding, they offer the perfect level of comfort for longer travel. The back seat area is sure sufficient for adults of all ages, while the cargo space is quite spacious, too.

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