2022 Chevrolet Corvette Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


With a history that goes through the 1950s and beyond, Corvettes have been around since the 1950s. Chevrolet Corvette is a mainstay of the performance car culture. the latest C8 version brings that heritage to a new level with the roaring V-8 that is sat within the car’s passenger area, and an affordable price tag. Performance and performance in the supercar category and the precise handling of the car make the Corvette the ultimate track-day car when fitted with the Z51 package. But its drive through rough terrain is shockingly smooth and the interior is spacious enough for day-to-day usage. There is a coupe as well as convertible are available with the coupe having an open-top roof to allow open-air motoring. Storage spaces behind the engine and on the forward of the car give ample space for cargo to take an entire weekend of fun and its affordable cost, outstanding performance and its surprising utility make it a 10Best runner-up.

What’s new for 2022?

To commemorate this year’s C8.R race car’s debut race season Chevrolet has launched a very limited edition look package for the Corvette that was inspired by its IMSA GTLM championship-winning competition version. There will only be 1000 built and the package is priced at $6595, which is added to the cost of the 3LT trim. The package includes Accelerate Yellow as well as Hypersonic Gray exterior paints and Carbon Flash colored mirror caps and a rear spoiler. Its Corvette racing logo is visible throughout the interior and the exterior is finished with a gray and yellow scheme that matches. Other improvements for 2022 include an lower-profile rear spoiler option and three new colors as well as a few tweaks on the engine of the Corvette,, including the introduction of a new fuel pump as well as fuel injectors.

Pricing and which one to buy

The Corvette is available as convertible or coupe with a hard-top that folds. The coupe’s roof can be lifted off for open-top driving anyway so we’d recommend sticking with the convertible. Instead, we’d like upgrading to the 2LT version that includes a variety of new options, such as an up-to-date display, a wireless charging pad for smartphones heated and ventilated seating as well as a heated steering wheel as well as a Bose audio 14-speaker system, blind-spot tracking and a lot more. Additionally, the Z51 acceleration package an absolute must since it includes the best Corvette performance-oriented features.

Engine Performance, Transmission, and Engine

The engine is located at a different location, now in the rear of the car and not directly in front of it, it’s still an 6.2-liter V-8 engine, but one that produces an impressive 490 horsepower, and also 470 pounds of torque. When you add the performance dual mode exhaust which makes up Z51, the Z51 option, the engine can produce 495 horsepower. The Z51 option comes with an electronic rear differential that is limited-slip and more powerful brakes as well as summer tires. A dual-clutch 8-speed (a Corvette first) is the only transmission. It is controlled either by a push-button gear selector on the center console or by using two large steering-wheel-mounted shift paddles. Manual transmissions are not available. Our tests measured a time from zero to 60 mph of 2.8 seconds, and a quarter-mile speed in 11.2 seconds , at speeds of 122mph, in the car that was fitted by Z51 performance package. Z51 performance package as well as with the option of FE4 magneticorheological dampers. We achieved an brake distance of 149 feet at 70 mph, and 1.03 grams at the track. In its basic form but the brand new Corvette can provide impressive handling and provides a thrilling experience on the track and on the road.

MPG and Fuel Economy in Real-World

The Corvette has EPA fuel efficiency ratings of 15 mpg in the city 27 mpg highway and 19 mpg when combined. We tested it in our own 200 mile highway fuel efficiency test and found 26 mpg, which is 1 less than the was expected. The previous generation-do you recall that Corvette that had the motor on the front?-produced an average of 27 mpg during this same test. For more details on the Corvette’s efficiency in terms of fuel consumption check out the EPA’s website.

Interior Cargo, Comfort, and Interior

The Corvette remains a classic two-seater with a futuristic interior that is lined with materials like real metal trim and imitation suede. It even comes with a premium stitched headliner. The roof is a good example is removable on the coupe similar to the roofs of earlier Corvettes. It also fits in the trunk, which is behind the compartment for engines. The rear trunk can hold two golf bags. Likewise, the front trunk can be used to store cargo or luggage when the roof is stored. The driver can be found in a squared-off steering column as well as an 12.0-inch adjustable gauge display. an enormous infotainment screen is set to face the driver to make it easier for usage. The interior design pushes the driver-centric concept to the extreme, with a dividing line between the cockpit by a high set of switches that are used for the car’s climate control system. Overall, the Vette’s cabin is pretty good. Upgrade to the 3LT option offers modernized materials, such as sewn leather covering most of the interior surfaces, and carbon-fiber trim. The brand new Corvette comes with two trunk compartments that are one in front behind the compartment for passengers, and another behind the engine giving you a total of 13 cubic feet storage. Chevrolet states that the Corvette can accommodate two golf sets inside the rear compartment, if they are placed over one another. We were able to accommodate our golf clubs with ease and Chevy’s claim is plausible. When we had to determine the space available for our carry-on size suitcases we were able put one of them in the front trunk of the Corvette, and two inside the compartment in the rear.

Connectivity and Infotainment

The latest Corvette features Chevrolet’s Infotainment 3 Plus system, which comes with an 8.0-inch touchscreen that supports Bluetooth audio streaming as well as a 4G LTE wireless mobile hotspot, as well as Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities. It is easy to use and fast in responding to requests.

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