2022 Chevrolet Equinox Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


Its 2022 Chevrolet Equinox is among the most sought-after compact crossovers. However, its popularity doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a truly impressive vehicle. Yes, the Chevy offers plenty of room for passengers as well as a feature-rich information system, and a sporty handling. It’s just not as great on the quality of its interior and storage space when compared with its competition. Although all-wheel drive is an option and is not required, all Equinox models have the same turbocharged four-cylinder motor. The higher trim levels make the prices more expensive but those who are devoted to the bow tie brand and not frightened by the mediocrity of other models will be delighted by this 2022 Equinox.

What’s new for 2022?

A fresh front fascia is a sign of the changes coming to 2022’s Equinox. The redesign includes more distinctive headlights, an updated grille design and a refreshed both rear and front bumpers. Chevy is also offering an RS model that comes with stylish styling cues like dark 19-inch wheels, as well as blacked-out exterior trim. The interior is adorned with a distinctive shifting knob and red stitching and black leather upholstery. The premium Premier features a more refined interior details like French stitching and gloss black accents of the console. The turbocharged version that is more powerful 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is no longer available with only the turbo 1.5-liter engine as the primary choice. This revision to Chevy’s compact SUV initially planned to be released in 2021 however it has been delayed until 2022 due to the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.

Pricing and Which one to Buy

While the Equinox lineup includes the stylized RS close to its top position in the list however, we’d recommend the entry-level LT. It’s equipped with chrome trim on the exterior as well as an eight-way adjustable driver’s seat as well as high-intensity discharge lights, SiriusXM satellite radio and much more. We’d also recommend an optional Confidence and Comfort bundle that includes blind-spot tracking as well as dual-zone climate controls, heated front seats and a leather-wrapped steering column and a liftgate with power, rear cross-traffic alerts and remote start.

Engine, Transmission and Performance

Insufficiently powered and often in a state of exhaustion The Equinox’s turbo-four-cylinder motor isn’t going to attract any admirers due to its slow performance. Its turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder produces 170 horsepower and is coupled with the available (and more heavy) all-wheel drive option (front-wheel drive is available as a standard) it requires an enormous amount of force to get the Equinox into highway speeds. The automatic six-speed shifts smoothly and, in the interest of fuel efficiency the gearbox will not be able to lower its gears when more power is required. Easy to drive and dependable the Equinox performs well as well as its steering precise and clear. The ride is hard, especially when you have the 19-inch wheels available (17s and 18s come as the standard) and more rough stretches of road bring some discomfort to the interior. The Chevy can pull up 3500 pounds with the proper equipment.

MPG and Fuel Economy in Real-World

It is estimated that the EPA estimates that the front-wheel drive Equinox will get 26 mpg in city driving as well as 31 miles per gallon on highways. The addition of all-wheel drive lowers the ratings by one milliliter. We tested our Equinox to our real-world 75-mph fuel-efficiency test route. With the front wheel drive option, it earned 32 miles per gallon on the highway. we got 28 mpg when using the all-wheel drive. For more information on the Equinox’s fuel efficiency go to the EPA’s website.

Interior Cargo, Comfort, and Interior

Built of durable materials, and elegantly decorated the interior of the Equinox should attract a wide audience. Both rear and front-seat passengers should feel at ease in the spacious cabin with plenty of amenities to ensure they are content when they travel for longer periods of time. The cabin has plenty of cupholders, however, the majority of amenities are available as an option or standard at higher trim levels. The base Equinox L is a price leader , but it has very little. Certain rivals have more space behind rear seats, however we were able to squeeze eight suitcases for carry-ons behind the seats. Apart from the ample center console storage area the cabin storage isn’t much better than average.

Connectivity and Infotainment

The 7.0-inch display (an 8.0-inch touchscreen is available) shows Chevrolet’s MyLink information display on top of the dashboard of the Equinox. The system is still awe-inspiring by its user-friendly interface and speedy responses. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available, as are Bluetooth audio and phone streaming. There’s also USB connection, as well as an additional input jack. Standard 4G LTE wireless connectivity make this Equinox among the most well-connected crossovers.

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